Privacy Policy

Crowned for Success is committed to protect the privacy of those we do business with. 

Our company strives to maintain trust with our customers, clients and visitors to our websites, social media platforms, programs and services while keeping as up to date as possible regarding privacy laws and policies in the countries of those we serve. We have implemented security policies and technical measures to safeguard your personal data.

Below you will find details on the information we collect, how we process that information and how you can request a copy of your personal information.

This policy is under constant review and updated accordingly to ensure the best service and data protection to our clients. Crowned for Success reserves the right to modify and update this policy at any time without prior notice, it is recommended that you visit this page periodically for changes. 

Crowned for Success does not sell, share or rent any personal information to any third party for unsolicited emails. 

The personal information you provide along with given consent, is collected by Crowned for Success with just the minimal amount of identifiable information and stored for only as long as it is necessary in order to:

Deliver the product or service you requested or purchased from our company.

Notify you of upcoming products/services that may be of interest to you or updated information on products and services that the company offers.

Share helpful tips, news, request feedback or information regarding our company and those we recommend to our audience.

Conduct in-house business analysis, planning, marketing, monitor website traffic, email conversions and create improved products and services that would best serve the needs and wants of our audience.

Information Processes:

Only Authorized Personnel has access to this information on a need to know basis to complete their task at hand, and only after the appropriate procedures have been in place. These procedures include; signed confidentiality contracts and proper privacy and company policies training has been completed. This policy was created to not only protect our customers data but to keep the inegrity of the company as well.

In order to conduct business, we may use third-party vendors to collect and analyze data. When interacting with these vendors, also known as data processors, their privacy policies apply. 

Please note that Crowned for Success does the necessary research to use companies that comply with industry standards for the protection of your data.

These data processors may include:

SendOwl, GetResponse, TypeForm, Instagram, Facebook, Stripe, PayPal, CourseCraft.

If at any time you would like to be removed from some or all of the data collection services we use, you may do so at any time by the contact methods listed below to update information, this may result in the inability to access features if the information is needed in order to carry out the service provided that includes these vendors.

For EU residents, this entails transfer of your information over international borders as Crowned for Success is based in the United States.

At times cookies are used in order to help understand your online behavior to better serve you or keep track of our visitors to our sales pages and links. You may delete, disable or change the settings to cookies on your web browsers or click on this link for more details:

Your Rights:

The information you provide to our company upon consenting, opt-ing in or making a purchase from our company is information that you definitely have legal rights to.

If at any time you would like to withdraw your consent to receive emails from us, want to request a copy of the information you gave us or update/correct the information you provided to us, you have several options:

With each email you receive, there is an unsubscribe button located at the bottom of the page. Simply click the hyperlink "Unsubscribe" and you will be removed from our mailing list. Same goes for updating your information, next to the unsubscribe link you will find "Change your contact details." Click this link to update your personal information.

You can send a request or notice of change by email to

You can contact GetResponse Customer Support and ask them for assistance in removing you from our email list:

You also have the right to be forgotten. In this case, you can email your request and Crowned for Success will take the necessary measures to delete all your information that you provided from our database. Under the General Data Protection Regulation you also have the ability to lodge a complaint with the regulatory authorities.

Crowned for Success will comply with the above requests within the standard 30 day timeframe.

Wendy Porter, CEO/Data Protection Officer: