Wendy Porter 

CEO & FOUNDER of Social for Success 


Hear What People Are Saying About Wendy's Business Transformations!

"Wendy came into our company at the height of a recession and made miracles happen for our organization. In my 30 year career I have never met somone so creative and innovative with sales and marketing. She took 2 of our struggling offices that were losing money month after month and year after year and turned them into some of our most profitable offices in our organization. As a direct result of Wendy's leadership skills those offices became multi million dollar producing offices and that is solely due to Wendy's initiatives and direction." -Susan K.  

"Wendy helped us build a brand new office, she quickly grew this branch from zero revenue to a 1.5 million dollar office in just over a year. We recognized her immense talent and offered her a managing partner opportunity within our company. She went on to grow the Phoenix market to over 3.5 million in sales revenue and helped us open offices across the country. She implemented her sales techniques to play an instrumental part in growing the sales in our organization to over 10 million. She is highly recommended to anyone looking to build a profitable business." -Ed D. 

“Hi guys! I’m a Wendy believer. So since Monday I have 68 new followers. I also got a shout out on someone’s page that I have no idea who they are. My info was also added to a surf website for photography and they asked if they can interview me for their blog. I also got 2 new sales about an hour ago. I’m so excited!” -Nikki C.  

“I just have to seriously brag about Wendy Aimee Porter right now!! In the six days I’ve been apart of this group I’ve learned more about setting up a business and doing research than I have with other subscriptions that I’ve paid $$$ for. Needless to say I’m going to cancel them all today. Thank you so much for your amazing content!!!” -Sonja L.  

“Wendy, As part of the ISS I want to give you a pm to let you know how grateful I am for your dedication. Your work is superior to any of the others and it comes down to resonating with your vibe. You’re like the first female president who throws f bombs and gets away with it. Because your work is kick ass. Big thanks.” -Rebecca R. 

“This has helped tremendously! I now have collaborations in the making, as well as 200 plus increase in followers and message from potential customers asking when my business will launch. The information I am learning is everything! Thank you so much Wendy!” -Amela M.  

“This is awesome not only have I gained more followers but I have learned so much about Instagram that I’m awe struck. How to gain followers, how to make an epic bio, how to collab, and how to just be you, Love it! Wendy is very supportive and knowledgeable she is an insta’queen! Wendy Aimee Porter Thanks hunni!!!” -Tori T.  

“This is amazing! Wendy is turning my Instagram round & I’ve&already gained quality followers that are relevant to my business. I can’t believe what a difference it’s already making & it’s&been a week! The members are respectful of each other & really friendly… no rivalry, we want each other to succeed. I have collaborations in the pipeline & am excited for the future. Great investment ” -Jane L.  

“I am learning so much !!!! Blocking time in my calendar to implement all the great ideas daily ….. This is going to be a GAME changer -I’m really excited, just what my biz has needed to get me the social media recognition- I’m ready!!! Thanks Wendy - you’re fabulous” -Rachel V. 

I’m up 141 followers since Wendy Aimee Porter challenged us to do so and I can’t be any more excited! She really knows what she’s doing! How amazing it is that we get to be apart of this group and learn and grow from the IG Queen?! This group is jam packed full of info and knowledge that is essential to growing an online business with our social media platforms… Best investment I’ve made yet!” .-Hannah A. 

“I am shouting out Wendy Aimee Porter. Wendy, you are a mother, and full time kick ass entrepreneur, a wife, a daughter, and so much more! And you take the time to work with and help each and every one of us in this group. It’s not just your job, it’s your passion and you go above and beyond for us! I want to say thank you,thank you! And when we are all big time income earners and living the large life, every time we take a sip of that margarita, we will cheers to you because it all started with you. Your heart, generosity of your time, and your knowledge. THANK YOU WENDY!!” -Karissa W. 

“Gratitude moment: Wendy Aimee Porter, having the live interaction and dripped training info every week is brilliant and seems to be working for so many of us! So thank you for pursuing your passion and mission to empower and train us in building our businesses. I’m actively putting into practice your directives and seeing powerful results. Your method is also helping me to refine my business niche (still in progress!), to narrow down via my growing audience too. So, thank you!!!” -Cassandra S. 

“Don’t be fooled by all the gorgeousness! Wendy @crowned4success has one tough warrior brain and she’s not afraid to use it. She’s the Queen of Instagram and is mentoring women to make an impact! She’s got all the online training you need to make real money and all the heart to make a difference. Thank you, Wendy!!!” -Cassie S.

“I just want to say thank you Wendy Aimee Porter for this amazing group!!! I have had 40 new subscribers in less than 24 hours since you sent out your shout out email featuring me. SO much gratitude.” -Crystal C.

“Hey ladies!! MAJOR breakthrough in my business today thanks to Wendy Aimee Porter - we all know how amazing she is!” -Jessie G.