IG ENVY Academy 2019


For Product Based and Service Based Businesses, Social Media Managers, Coaches, Influencers, Consultants, Online Business Professionals and MLM's




If you are here, then I don't need to tell you...

You already know at your core, that you have what it takes to build a Six-Figure business and beyond. You have the drive and the ambition... BUT only if you had the support, tools and resources to get you there...  

  • Perhaps you would love to hire a coach or my 8 week Signature Program but can't afford to invest at that level yet.  
  • You might be feeling frustrated with where you are in your business or where it's not and can't seem to make a consistent profit, if any profit at all.  
  • You've probably heard every guru telling you to do it this way, that way, around, upside down, to where your head is spinning.  
  • Maybe you've taken a gazillion courses just to be more confused than you were before you even started.  
  • Perhaps you've paid hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on Facebook ads and marketing without seeing a return on your investment.  
  • Maybe you've spent half or more of your profits hiring an expensive business coach or joining Masterminds that cost more than your car. 


"LThey all made you big promises and fell short on delivering.  

I know, the struggle is real! But here's what I've learned...  

It's actually pretty simple to get to six-figures.

In fact, I did it in 8 short months and the best part? I did it MY way and I did it using a FREE platform - INSTAGRAM

And I didn't have to rob my kids college savings to do it. In fact, I've spent no money on Facebook or Instagram ads. I made a minimal initial investment (less than a few hundred dollars) to build a multi six-figure business and if I had a group program like this, I would've spent less than that!

You see all you really need to get your business to Six-Figures or more is 3 things... 

Social Media Platform (insert cough) Instagram.

Sales Strategy innovative sales strategies

Collaborations One of the fastest ways to grow your biz!

That's it?? YUP! That's it. 

We tend to make it way more complicated than it needs to be, by getting caught up in every gurus email list that tells us we should be doing webinars, workshops, Periscopes, email lists, sales funnels, oh my! 

No wonder we're stuck. No wonder it feels like we're spinning our wheels and getting nowhere fast! 


Why? Because the best kept secret is about to be revealed! 

You are about to take your business to Six-Figures and beyond! How? With...  

My Exclusive VIP Members Club. 

  • You will receive 1 in depth training course monthly designed specifically to grow your business, your social media audience and your sales. 
  • You will receive 1 in depth Mindset Mastery Training directly with me. Because if your mind isn't right, your business isn't going to be either. 
  • You will receive 1 Q&A / Office Hours Session with me Monthly. 

You are essentially receiving a total of 3 group coaching sessions per month from me directly. I typically charge $500 per hour and you're getting all of this for just $7 then 97 per month! Just Imagine the IMPACT this will have on your business! 

You will have instant access to this months training!

Join NOW for $7 for 30 days! 

Or Sign up for 1 Year Pay in Full option & receive: 

  • 3 Months FREE - You Pay ONLY $873 Normally $1164 SAVE $291!  
  • 30 minute 1-on-1 Fast Cash Injection Strategy Call with Wendy. Create and infuse fast cash strategies specifically for the biz, to create instant cash flow! (VALUE $500)  
  • FREE gift in the mail!  

Sign up for 1 year & get over $800 in savings!  

The FIRST and ONLY membership group dedicated for women to GROW your biz using INSTAGRAM as a preferred platform! 

We are opening this exclusive Members Club up to ONLY 200 women to allow for high level and high touch training.

This membership is not for everyone.  

This is unlike any course, workshop, Masterclass, Mastermind, or Instagram training you've ever done before.  

Because we are forming a close knit secret society of women that will support each other by buying from one another and collaborating with each other to increase our sales. 

A true sisterhood that pledges to buy from one another before anyone else, that promises to be your biggest cheerleader and referral source. Because we know that when women come together they are a force to be reckoned with! With 200 women giving 100% of their support to each other, just imagine the magic we can create.


What could it do for you and your business if you had 199 new customers TODAY and a 199 new Business Besties?!

But that's not all we are doing.

includes the following... 

  • Get connected and paid with Social Media Management gigs through our IG ENVY Marketing Agency. Yes, we will connect you or even hire you with contracting and/or in-house opportunities. Must complete 6 months of training and assesment certification to qualify. 
  • A certified Crowned for Success Accountability Coach to keep you on track with your weekly goals. She will be there to be your biggest cheerleader, show you love and support, all while holding you accountable to moving your busines forward.  
  • Free Secret Facebook Group with Business, Sales, and Social Media Training and Marketing Strategies for immediate implementation. You will add a new tip or strategy to your business. These are specifically designed to grow your business, social media following and your sales!  
  • Engagement Groups, Comment Pods and Instagram Follow Trains to increase engagement. This will help you beat the Instagram algorithms and build your following and customers faster. This will be segmented into small groups by industry.
  • Guest Expert Masterclasses and Behind The Scenes of Successful Businesses, see what other entrepreneurs are really doing behind the scenes and what they are doing to achieve success or watch their Masterclass. 
  • Intensive Sales Challenges to take your biz to the next level! Because without sales your business doesn't grow.  
  • Collaborate and Celebrate! We will be pairing up businesses to share each others audience, promote (shout outs) for each other on Instagram, comment and like each others posts, swap email lists (this is not actual sharing of your email lists, but simply sending out an email introducing and directing your email list to another business in our group). Collaborations is one of the fastest ways to grow your business. Joint Venture (J.V.) Partnerships and Affiliates will be created. 
  • Monthly Q&A with Wendy with all your questions answered. So that you have direction and clarity. 
  • Bi-Weekly Feature! Where we will be featuring you and your biz in an interview directly with me to over 80k on our Instagram page and get featured in our email Newsletter Segment- Support a Woman Owned Business, encouraging our email list and followers to buy from you. This gives you what your business needs most...more visibility and it will help grow your email list. 
  • On The Hot Seat - I will provide video audits of a member's Instagram page and give feedback to the entire group. So everyone can learn how to use Instagram to its fullest potential. 

Who Is It For?

  • This is for the Soulful CEO and Social Media Managers that are REALLY ready to take their biz to the next level.  
  • This is for you if you currently use Instagram or are interested in using Instagram to grow a profitabe business for you or your clients.  
  • This is designed for the ambitious and self-driven woman.  
  • For women who currently have an online business OR are serious about starting an online business OR want to start selling their brick and mortar business online as well.  
  • For women who know they need to invest in themselves and their company to get to multiple six-figures. And no we're not talking ridiculous prices, you easily spend this on Starbucks, a pedi or mani every month.  
  • For the women who are not threatened by another woman's success. The women who know there is enough room for all of us to succeed.  
  • For the woman who is willing to give 100% to herself, her company and her collaborating partners. Because you deserve it.  
  • For the women who pledge to purchase from other women in our society FIRST and foremost before buying outside of our group.  
  • For the women who will support their fellow sisters in our society through shout outs, referrals, features to email lists, following, commenting and liking social media posts.  
  • This is for ANY Product or Service based business. Network Marketers, Bloggers, Content Creators, Influencers, Affiliate Marketers or for women interested in branding themselves.  
  • This is for YOU, the best kept secret that is determined to finally be revealed.

This is more than a Facebook group and some average training.


These are sales strategies that I have personally used to build multi-million dollar businesses for the last 15 years in Corporate America, a multiple six figure online business in 2 years, and help my clients earn over 50 million in sales! 

This is an in-depth Instagram sales and marketing training for your business and brand, this is a support and accountability system and most of all this is a sisterhood of women who will build a Multiple Six-Figure business with complete support from myself and 199 other women!  

As of now, we are only accepting 200 women into this Exclusive Membership, enrollment will only be available for a limited time.  

So don't get wait listed!

If you are really ready to build a multiple six-figure business then I invite you to join us! 

This is unlike any program out there and the value of the collaborations themselves are priceless.

Not to mention, the level of support you will have from other like-minded ambitious women. 

It really is a SISTERHOOD of women coming together to Collaborate, Congratulate and Celebrate becoming a successful business.

Sure you can continue to do what you're doing now and you could go it alone, but why would you want to when you have the opportunity to learn from a multi six-figure business coach and multi-million dollar business builder? You also get the opportunity to pledge your support to 199 other women who will also pledge their support of buying products and/or services from you before anyone else! Now that is collaboration at its finest! 

We invite you to accept our invitation for $7 for 30 days and then just $97 per month!

Let's be honest, you easily spend that on Starbucks and a pedi in a month. Isn't having a six-figures business worth it?  

You would easily pay much more than $97 per month for a referral service or advertising alone, that this membership includes.  

You get everything below for $7 for 30 days and then just $97/month!

Secret Members ONLY Facebook Group and an Accountability Coach

Monthly Business Building Tips and Strategies

Engagement Groups, Comment Pods and Instagram Follow Trains

Guest Expert Masterclasses and Behind The Scenes of Successful Businesses

Monthly Mindset Mastery Training

Office Hours/Monthly Q&A with Wendy

Case Study- dissect one business per month

Features to our audience of 87k+ our email list



Complete 6 months in the IG Envy Academy, submit your assessments and become a Certified IG Master

and get on our recommended IG Social Media Managers list to GET HIRED by our IG Agency!!! 

Wendy is the most well connected IG Influencer and owner of IG ENVY Social Media Marketing Agency so your chances of earning a great income through this program is ... HUGE!!

Helping Women Create A Life & Business They're Crazy AF about...  

CEO, Wendy Porter, has built a Multi Six Figure online coaching business in 24 short months. Crowned for Success has become recognized as the fastest growing network of soulful ambitious CEO's on Instagram.  

She has coached over 3000 clients in 29 countries in the last 2.5 years. She made a solid $20k in 2 weeks from a $47 digital product, successfully brought in $33k in a 3 week launch, $10k in two days, a six-figure launch in 6 weeks, built high profile collaborations with million dollar brands, shares her expertise and blogs for Forbes, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, has done numerous interviews, guest expert segments, podcasts, and has been featured in numerous telesummits, Forbes Magazine and Huffington Post.


Join TODAY for $7 for 30 days then $97/month. 

*Three month commitment is required. After the initial three months, we ask that you give us 10 days notice before your payment is due if you choose to cancel.

or sign up for 1 YEAR & SAVE $291 

Don't just take my word for it...

Hear what these Boss ladies had to say... & don't miss out on being a part of this amazing network!

Kimra Luna

"Whether you want to learn how to use Instagram to make your first six figures or your next six figures, look no further. Wendy is the "go to" expert for all things Instagram. 

Not only have I personally used her strategies but she also trains my students in my signature program Be True, Brand You. The results and feedback are nothing less than incredible!"

- Kimra Luna, IG :: @kimraluna


"I’ve been a Facebook networker for years, but was new to the Instagram world. I had no idea what I was doing and was nervous to start this new platform! With Wendy's strategies I've increased my following by over 5000 authentic followers who align with my brand in the last year and started getting sales within just a few months!""

- Jihan Shogen, IG :: @strongwomenarebeautiful 

Tammy Gibson

"I LOVE working with Wendy! She is heart-centered and practical with her advice. She really helped me get results growing my email list using Instagram.  

The strategy she taught me helped me grow my email list by 330 in just 3 short weeks. That's huge for a small business like mine! From that initial list, I have made over $2100! I continue to grow my list and income using the strategies Wendy taught me on Instagram!"

- Tammy Gibson, IG :: @TammyGibsonOnline 

"Wendy Porter has definitely earned her title, "Queen of Instagram" for good reason! She helped me go from literally 1 follower to over 6K in 10 months. 

But more importantly, I now have real coaching and social media clients because I used Wendy's tools, tips and excellent methods to exponentially grow my Instagram marketing platform. Because of Wendy's guidance, I have learned to trust my intuition and grow my business organically, in the way I feel most comfortable and authentic. 

Wendy helped me find my online voice by using this simple yet very powerful tool, Instagram. Don't mess around with low-end Insta-hackers who don't truly understand how to leverage Instagram to market your business. 

Only go with the best of the best, the gold standard, the one who has actually done it herself first: Wendy @crowned4success! Thank you, Wendy!"

- Cassie Saquing, IG :: @profitpassionacademy 

"Wendy came into my life at a time when I was struggling to understand how to build a business. I clicked with her energy from day one. I have learned so much about myself and my passion and I am now turning that passion into a successful business. I am blessed to have her in my life. 

 She helped me find my passion, my business and all the details of my business. She gave me regular homework to do which kept me on my toes and helped me dig deeper into my business. 

She truly cares for me to succeed. She understood where I am and where I want to be. I would recommend her to all my friends and family members. I am grateful to have her and look forward to learning more from her." 

- Sumita, Canadian National Athlete, IG :: @womenonfireco

"I recently grew my email list by 460 people in less than 24 hours, using Wendy's secret strategies!! 

Me and Wendy have been working together for a short while now and she has helped me and my business by showing how to grow my Instagram account. Since working with Wendy I have grown my page considerably and most importantly my page is now an engaging page where I get loads of likes and comments. Wendy has helped me find my voice in social media, she has helped me find where my passion lies... something that I really enjoy and that is to help people and make a difference in my coaching business. Since working with Wendy I have seen my coaching business grow and also I now have a client who I work with on a long term basis. This is all thanks to Wendy and her wanting me to reach my full potential. Working with Wendy is like working with a friend who truly wants the best for you." 

- Nimesh Odedra

"Wendy Porter Instagram teachings are phenomenal. In 2017 my followers went from 117 to over 500. Today I have over 2100 followers. But it’s not just the quantity. I have followers who legitimately enjoy my content. Now that I’ve started my social media business, everything I’ve learned is really paying off, with $$$$$$.

Wendy really knows what she’s talking about. You just have to pay attention, believe and follow her advice.."  

- Kristi Freeman, Social Media Coach, IG :: @kristimfreeman

"Ummmm. Wendy Aimee Porter!! 

U are the master! One conversation. 2 Instagram posts in 2 hours. 2 solid leads... and I thought Instagram was for Tweens.. lol. Ok. You're right!! Thank u!! Can't wait to master Instagram! Facebook helped me make my first million. Instagram will surpass it!! Lol. You're a freakin star girl!"

- Erin Postle, Master Coach & Pro Networker, IG :: @erin_postle

So much value in one ahh-mazing place!

 Subscribe for a full year and SAVE $291! 

That's 12 Months of support for only $1164 $873  

You'll also receive a 30 minute 1-on-1 Fast Cash Injection Strategy Call with Wendy (value $500) for FREE with 1 year subscription!  

Plus, a FREE gift in the mail!  

Sign up for 1 year & get over $800 in savings!


- What makes this membership different?  

The priceless collaborations. I teach pure Instagram organic growth strategies for businesses. No bots No agencies and No bought followers.

- Can I really gain followers & make money off of Instagram?

YES! You'll learn all the different features of Instagram and branding specifically for Instagram. This includes proper visuals and photos, bio, etc. I teach the exact same sales, marketing and list building strategies that I use to increase my following with the RIGHT followers without the use of bots or agencies 

- How will I access the membership? 

We have an exclusive Facebook Group and a training portal. New training packet is released twice a month. One Strategy/Business related and one Mindset Mastery. 

- Who is this for?

This memership is for anyone interested in learning how to use Instagram for your biz!

I'm Ready To Make A Major Impact on my audience with INSTAGRAM

*Three month commitment is required.  

After the initial three months, we ask that you give us 10 days notice before your payment is due if you choose to cancel.