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Weekly Training with Multi-Millionaire Money Mindset Coach Sarah Shapiro - Learn how to start manifesting today! 

 Your dream business and life awaits you...

Welcome Beautiful Soul!

  • Do you feel like you were meant for so much more but it feels just out of your reach? Maybe you know you have this amazing abundant Universe at your finger tips, if only you knew how to tune in and access all its magic.
  •  Are you building a business and need all the divine guidance you can get?  
  •  Or are you a woo-woo Woman obsessed with all things law of attraction, manifesting, quantum physics and mindset mastery?
  •  Maybe you've read The Secret 20 x and tried manifesting but it just isn't working for you. 
  • Or maybe you've heard of the law of attraction but have no clue where to begin.
  • Or perhaps you've paid hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to walk on hot coals and lose your voice from screaming mantra's at the top of your lungs just to lose your drive and ambition a week later.
  •  Maybe you are a successful but suppressed business woman with a dash of woo woo, in Corporate America that doesn't dare speak of the Universe and all that it's done to help you get to where you are, for fear of Human Resources knocking on your office door.

....Yup that last one was me for 15 years! 

Well, get ready to learn how to manifest like a boss and make Shi(f)t happen!

You're Invited to Join The Most Inspiring and Transformational Sisterhood of its Kind... 


Because if your mind isn't right your business isn't going to be either.


Manifest money, success, love and happiness. You deserve it.


Balance is needed when you're a powerful boss.

We've created a sanctuary, a safe space to unwind, let your hair down and practice manifesting to your hearts content. It's okay to be WOO AF here, we won't judge you. 

Our Society is perfect for the soulful business woman, entrepreneur, creative and boss lady.  

The Manifesting Queen Society is specifically designed for women in business and entrepreneurship. It is the best way to start manifesting your goals, money, success and your deepest desires with the Law of Attraction. 

It's a way to fast track and 10X your success journey!

Join NOW for ONLY $22.22! 


Hi I'm Wendy the Soul and Sass behind Crowned for Success and certified business, life and manifesting Coach.

 In case no one has told you...The Universe is your Genie. 

Ask and you shall receive! 

But here is the catch.. you have to do the work to gain the proper mindset so that you are not blocking your blessings (miracles). 

HINT: most of us are and this is why manifesting doesn't work for many people.

You have to know how to rewire your subconsciousness and then you have to get crystal clear on what you really want. 

HINT: most of us send mixed signals to the Universe all day long about what we want. 

Then you have to take inspired action. 

HINT: most of us have no clue what taking inspired action really looks like.

Sound complicated? Well, I guess it can be but I don't want you to worry your pretty soul, I'm teaching you how to do all of this in our Society.

Who am I to teach you this? Well, I'm just a girl who almost didn't graduate high school. Not because I wasn't smart enough but because I was a rebel, a wild child who loved to party and school just seemed like a waste of fun to me. 

I wasn't about that school life. I was about living life on my own terms. Nobody could tell me shit, I knew everything. Hindsight: I knew almost nothing. 

But I did develop a strong desire to succeed accompanied by crazy ambition and I knew how to get things I wanted. 

I would envision it as if it was already mine, dream about it and just like that, it was. 

I had no clue at the time that I was manifesting but on a very very small scale. 

Since learning to hone in and perfect my skills I have attracted things like, a high level six-figure Corporate America job with minimal college education. 

A managing partner position at a company that I grew to over 3.5 million dollars in sales. Over 50 million dollars of sales generated in my 15 year career in Corporate America.

The love of my life who I have been married to for 20 years and 3 beautiful children. My dream houses, dream cars like my Escalade, Jaguar, Lexus, Acura (two of which were paid in cash.) And numerous tropical vacations.  

My dream six figure online business in less than a year, collaborations with my idols and mentors I look up to and admire, 28k in 30 days, 33k in 3 weeks, public speaking engagements, my own TV show and just recently closed out 2017 as a MULTI-six figure business but most importantly... I manifested happiness beyond what I ever expected and the list goes on and on and on...  


You see, I've been manifesting for most of my life and you probably have been to. You just haven't perfected it. I've also been studying the power of the mind, quantum physics and manifesting for over 15 years and when I started implementing specific strategies that's when my life shifted and allowed me to become a money and miracle magnet for just about anything. And so can you. So are you ready for miracles? What do I mean when I say miracle? A miracle is a blessing, gift, desire or even just a shift in old pattern thinking. Most of us attract them on a daily basis we just don't recognize it as a miracle. For Instance, have you ever been thinking about your favorite song and it suddenly comes on the radio? Or perhaps you're thinking of an old friend and you get a phone call or Facebook Friend request from them? These are miracles. I will teach you how to hone in on this skill that is attracting those miracle moments into your life so that you can do them at will and on a much bigger scale and with anything you want. If you are serious about attracting Love, Money and Miracles into your life and your business I invite you to join me today. Let's go, your miracles await you! Xoxo

This is unlike any manifestation course you've ever been a part of before.

A true sisterhood that pledges to give back with an open heart and no judgement, that promises to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

There is no greater reward than paying it forward and the Universe recognizes your contribution by paying it forward tenfold and by speeding up the manifestation process!

The very act of paying to become a member here is an exchange of sacred energy that the Universe takes note of.  

But that's not all we are doing. 

This Exclusive Society includes the following... 

  •  Bi-weekly training courses, videos, audios, downloadable worksheets, check lists, inspired action plans and masterclasses all bout manifesting money, success, love and happiness.

  •  Free Secret Facebook- Group with a supportive community of like-minded manifesting boss ladies to share ideas and best practices.

  •  Bi-weekly Q&A sessions- You will get access to Wendy Porter and/or our guest experts every other week to help you implement the manifesting strategies you are learning.

  •  Monthly Guest Experts and Behind The Scenes of Successful Manifestors- See what other manifestors are doing in their routines, rituals and daily practices to achieve their level of success.

  •  International Peace/Meditation/Prayer Day- Once a month we will take reccomendations and do a poll to decide what cause, person or situation to focus on. This time will be used to devote strengthening the ideal of peace, love and harmony.


  •  Paying it Forward- We will donate 10% of monthly dues to give back to a worthy cause at the end of each year. We will take suggestions and do a poll to vote on what cause(s) or person(s) the funds will go to. Monthly proceeds will be completely transparent for everyone to see our pay it forward funds add up!

  •  Mindset Mastery- Ongoing training because if your mind isn't right your business isn't going to be either. We will be working on positive thinking, journaling, affirmations and perfecting the art of manifesting. 

  •  Weekly Guided Meditation- Get clarity and serenity in your life with weekly guided meditation.

  • Volunteer Day- We encourage our members to participate in our quarterly volunteer day (a few hours) where we will collectively find an organization or cause to volunteer our time to. This is optional but highly encouraged as manifestation works at light speed when giving back. Plus, we are giving and loving boss ladies that want to make a difference in our communities and in the world.  

Who is this for?

  • This is for the Boss Lady and Entrepreneur that is REALLY ready to take her biz or career to the next level using manifesting techniques and strategies. 
  • This is for you if you currently love everything Law of Attraction.
  • This is designed for the ambitious and self-driven woman. 
  • For women who know they need to invest in themselves to build their dream business and life. And no we're not talking ridiculous prices, you easily spend this on Starbucks every week. 
  • For the women who are here to make a difference in the world.
  • For the woman who is ready to design a beautiful and prosperous life.
  • For the women who pledge to give with an open heart and without judgement.
  • For the women who will show love, respect and support for their fellow members in our society.
  • For the woman who knows there is something so much bigger than herself. A divine life force that has infinite possibilities and resources we can access at any time through Law of Attraction. 
  • This is for YOU, the woman who is ready to manifest miracles!

If you are really ready to be inspired to create a business and life you love, then I invite you to join us today! 

Not to mention, the level of support you will have from other like-minded soulful women. 

Join us for this once in a lifetime opportunity to gain confidence, self love and become a magnet for miracles and money. 

Just $22.22 to join today!

Let's be honest, you easily spend that on Starbucks. Isn't manifesting the life and business you desire worth so much more?

(The price will be increasing to $33.33 per month for future members but when you join today, you will have lifetime access for just $22.22 per month)

You would easily pay much more than $22.22 for any manifesting course, masterclass or workshop.

You get everything below for just $22.22 today! Then just $22.22 per month! 

Helping Women Manifest A Life & Business You Love... 

CEO, Wendy Porter, has built a Multiple Six Figure online coaching business in 18 short months. Crowned for Success has become recognized as the fastest growing network of soulful ambitious boss ladies on Instagram @crowned4success

She has coached over 2000 clients in 29 countries in the last 18 months. She has built high profile collaborations with million dollar brands, shares her expertise and blogs for BossBabe, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, has done numerous interviews, guest expert segments, podcasts, and has been interviewed and featured in numerous telesummits, Forbes Magazine and Huffington Post. In addition, she also serves on the Forbes Coaches Council.

Millionaire Mindset Expert, Sarah Elizabeth Shapiro

Sarah Elizabeth Shapiro, is a bad ass Millionaire Mindset Coach, Successful Stock and Real Estate Investor and a successful Intuitive and Psychotherapist. 

She went from struggling at a salary of 28K per year in New York City with a Master’s Degree to a Net Worth of over 2 million! 

After years and years of under earning and struggling with Money, Sarah was able to work with the UNIVERSE to create a net worth over 2 million and passive income streams!  

Certified Taro & Reiki Master & Life Coach, Yashica 

Yashica has over 8 years experience offering tools and information to guide and empower those that seek intuitive counseling as well as the perspective and insight that the tarot brings. She has worked with hundreds of clients all over the world and her wisdom and information touches thousands of beautiful souls daily. Yashica is a Certified tarot master, Certified reiki master, Certified life coach and has an Associates degree in liberal arts, a Bachelors degree in psychology, a Bachelors degree in nursing and a Masters degree in nursing leadership and she is a current MBA student!  

The Confidence Coach, Nancy Castro 

Nancy Castro, MBA, is the Founder/CEO of The Center of Confidence, based in Dubai. Nancy is a passionate Author, Confidence Coach, and Reiki Practitioner who is proud to call herself an Agent of Global Change who isn’t afraid of delving deeper to bring about transformation at a soul level. 

As the dedicated Confidence Catalyst, she created the program “Keys to Confidence.” This program empowers women to reignite the belief in their inner power and unlock their potential to be able to recreate their life canvas. 

Additionally, she co-hosted “The Sisters,” a show that focused on a multitude of topics helping individuals with conscious conversations and highlighting hot and current topics. Nancy is deeply committed to helping people to feel both beautiful inside and out and is the proud owner of Shoe Fashionique, an online shoe accessory store showcasing an extensive one-of-a-kind collection for uniquely beautiful women worldwide.  

Nancy’s passion is empowering people and supporting their journey through the changes they choose to adopt and create; helping them to shift their attention to see the world of endless possibilities in all areas of their life; embracing their uniqueness by loving themselves unconditionally. She thrives on igniting transformation in others.

Instagram: @the_confidence_catalyst


Meditation Guide & Life Coach, Pica

Pica Rasiah, Regional Vice President for Singapore. Pica went the traditional route and got her B.A. in Psychology and immediately after, finished up her Master’s in Education with a focus on Instructional Technology. Being a fresh grad and desperate for work, she ended up in the hospitality industry. With over 14 years of experience in the service industry, she has been able to fine tune her ability to read people and anticipate needs making both guests and colleagues feel appreciated.  

Raising two wonderful step children and now a single mom to her own child has been the source of her greatest set of lessons. Her passion is to help you quiet the noise and distractions around you in order to learn more about and love yourself. If she does her job right, you will have tools you need to go out and conquer the world with confidence.  

“I am shouting out Wendy Aimee Porter. Wendy, you are a mother, and full time kick ass entrepreneur, a wife, a daughter, and so much more! And you take the time to work with and help each and every one of us in this group. It’s not just your job, it’s your passion and you go above and beyond for us! I want to say thank you,thank you! And when we are all big time income earners and living the large life, every time we take a sip of that margarita, we will cheers to you because it all started with you. Your heart, generosity of your time, and your knowledge. THANK YOU WENDY!!” -Karissa W.  

“ I needed this course and it was planted in my path. I will forever be changed and will refer to my notes, challenges, goals, letters, and assignments on a regular basis. This was so much more than a course – this was an EXPERIENCE! My #Godwink. I am right where I am supposed to be on my journey to my destiny!” -Lalonna W.  

"If you are on the fence I am telling you Wendy Aimee Porter provides so much value and if you do what she suggests, you'll see success, I don't even think it's been a week and I feel like my business has hit a whole new level."

-Jessie G.  

"My experience with Crowned for Success has been amazing & deepened my trust in the Law of Attraction. I came across C4S and fell in love with Wendy’s vision. Her passion creates the best support as you learn self-mastery & in turn help other women on their journey. I first wanted to see if I could create a platform by contributing as a blogger on her site but she opened more doors than I could have imagined. The opportunity to learn, create & excel in every aspect of my goals while being able to bring in income." -Serena M.  


Disclaimer: Miracles may occur.