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How To Gain 8k Real Followers In 8 Weeks On Instagram

$147.00 | $19.00

I am going to share with you how I was able to get 20k authentic, REAL AUTHENTIC followers in less than 3 months & almost 50k in 8 months!  

17 Page Workbook filled with Resources, Tips, Worksheets & Training Videos to gain 8k followers in 8 weeks!

How To Make An Income On Instagram Without A Product Or Service

$147.00 | $19.00

Passive income. It’s the holy grail of online business, the dream every entrepreneur chases. Get this 22 page Workbook filled with 12 Steps to mastering Affiliate Marketing.  

The Ultimate Guide To Marketing On Instagram 

$147.00 | $19.00

Now is the time to embrace Instagram & the power it promises as a part of your overall marketing plan!  

Optimize your profile, Grow your community, Develop your strategy & Build a buzz around your brand as I walk you through The Ultimate Guide To Marketing On Instagram!

Insta-Brand Famous 

$147.00 | $99.00 SOLD OUT

Make it Rain with Instagram Fame!

3 Part Training

Create the perfect Brand NAME that best suits you and your audience. Capture your ideal followers instantly with your captivating TAGLINE and BIO. Learn how to motivate your audience to buy your product/service with the psychology of COLOR choices. Distinguish your brand from competitors by adding your unique PERSONALITY. Learn how to attract YOUR TRIBE who share the same values & are looking for exactly what you have to offer & More!  

Video Instagram Audit

$197.00 | $77.00 SOLD OUT

A personal recorded video audit of your page that will be sent to you with tips and strategies directly from CEO Wendy, to ensure you are using Instagram to its fullest potential to increase your followers and your sales. Your IG page can either make or break your business, it really is that important!

Instagram Six-Figure Secret Society

$47.00 | $1.00 SOLD OUT


Ready to take your Biz to Six-Figures & beyond? Join the Instagram Six-Figure Secret Society! This is unlike any course, workshop, Masterclass, Mastermind, or Instagram training you've ever done before!  

Impact To Insta-Income Masterclass

$147.00 | $99.00 SOLD OUT

Learn how to: 

Inrease your email list by 250 people in 12 hours! 

Make $2k from one single power house post on Instagram!

Sell in the DM (Direct Messaging) without coming across pushy or cheesy!

Use Stories and Instagram Live to increase sales!


Business Bookkeeing Bootcamp 

By KiBoss Services

$147.00 | $19.00

This webinar masterclass will teach you the basics of what you should be doing in your business to make sure your finances are on point. Don't start the year not knowing what to do with your money. Set up a system to make it easy to know just how profitable your business really is. To educate yourself on basic terminology you need to know as an entrepreneur.  

Money Mindset Workbook 


$147.00 | $19.00

Slay your money monsters so you can have all the freedom and peace you need to live life on your own terms. 

In this 25 page workbook, you will uncover your emotional connection to finances and the hidden thought patterns that are driving your current money management behaviours. 

Shift your perceptions about money in a more positive direction & get clear of where your finances should fall on your list of priorities. 

The ultimate goal is to empower you to find your financial confidence and help you gain control of your financial future.  

Finances In Formation

By KiBoss Services 

$147.00 | $19.00

This class will cover: Getting your bank account ready. Basic words you need to know and how to apply them to your business. Paper, excel, or software, which one you need and when. How to calculate what it cost to run your business. It's not hard, promise. Policies you need to protect your coins and your customer's expectations. 62 minute Replay + Slides


5 Ways To Grow Your Email List FAST

$147.00 | $19.00

In this training module you'll master this easy but often overlooked technique to building your email list FAST! Use this strategic planning guide that has not only grown Crowned for Success' email list FAST but has also been used to land interviews, promos, features && build great relationships with amazing boss ladies!

Weekly Newsletter Planner & 9 Months Of Weekly Content Ideas

$147.00 | $19.00

Provide outstanding value to your subscribers & remain consistent with this 32 page Training Module including:  

-Training Workbook -Editorial Calendar -Newsletter Idea Finder -Newsletter Idea Journal -36 Weekly Content Ideas & more!


10 Ways To Capture Every Sale

$147.00 | $19.00

Find All Your Lost Profits!  

Identify & find common leaks in your sales funnel...  

Then fix them & boost your profits in this 20 page 10 step guide to capturing every sale!  

Super-Charge Your Sales: 14 Days Of Specific Sales Strategies

$147.00 | $19.00

If you want tested strategies to increase sales & make that extra cash, then this is 2 weeks of content you don't want to miss! You'll receive 14 Days of Strategic Sales Training used to grow Crowned for Success into a six-figure business in less than one year!


Six-Figure Mindset Goal Setting Strategies

$147.00 | $19.00

This 35 page training module is exactly what you need to conquer your goals in 2017! You'll receive: -Training Workbook -Worksheets -Checklist to ensure you are on the road to accomplishing your goals the right way, one at a time!

How To Create A Digital Product & It's Sales Page 

$147.00 | $19.00

Whether it's your 1st product or your 10th, creating digital products can get overwhelming.  

Dive into this step-by-step guide to create your digital product & its sales page with this 18 page training workbook.  

From product & sales page creation, add-on/bonuses to increase value & how to repurpose content, this guide will help you package your next digital product with ease.

How To Build A Digital Empire By Creating eCourses 

$199.00 | $99.00 


4 Module Training

Start creating your own eCourses! 

Get a piece of that 100 billion dollar industry pie and Build a freedom based business that you absolutely love!  


How To Find Your Passion & Leave Your 9to5p Grind For Your Entrepreneur Dream Life

$147.00 | $19.00

This step-by-step blue print is designed to move you closer to your entrepreneurial dreams by providing exactly the information you need, right when you need it. No more chaos; no more confusion. Just a rock-solid plan to take you from cube dweller to lady boss— in less time than it takes to negotiate a raise!

!My MBA: Millionairess Business Academy


It's time to create a Six-Figure Freedom Based Business You Love! Join me for 8 weeks of in depth training to transform your business just in time for the New Year!

#1 - Gratitude Journal 

By KiBoss Services


So often we’re bombarded with negativity everywhere and the positive is ignored. 

All of this negativity can be overwhelming to the point of wearing a person down. 

As a Queen it is your duty to rise above all that negative. To hold your crown up on that beautiful head of yours. 

Practice Gratitude in this beautiful 37 page journal!

#2 - Affirmation Journal 

By KiBoss Services


 Using affirmations is a powerful thing. It can be used to program or reprogram your mindset. 

When practiced and repeated it can strengthen the connection between your conscious and subconscious mind. If done correctly, it can change your life.

Learn how to get the most out of your journaling efforts in this 34 page affirmation journal.

#3 - Goal Journal 

By KiBoss Services 


Everyone needs to have goals they are working towards each day. If your daily actions are not working towards your goals then it’s time to make some changes. 

If you’re not getting what you want from life, chances are you are lacking in goals or are not actively working towards them every day.

Set your intention with this 39 page Goal journal filled with quotes to keep you motivated!


BUNDLE $1032.00 ONLY $47.00  


SOLD OUT BUNDLE $188.00 ONLY $47.00  

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