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The reach of our TV Network


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The Number of Woman Owned Businesses we have served in 29 different countries!

What could that kind of EXPOSURE do for you? What kind of IMPACT could you have on the world? 

Become a Women's Empowerment Influencer for the Largest Growing Network for Soulful Ambitious Women on Social Media! Crowned for Success and Bossladies Mindset!


We are now recruiting Women's Empowerment Influencers to make a profound IMPACT on women's lives across the globe!

  • You have a message that the world needs to hear.
  • You love everything girlboss, girlpower, bossbabe, women supporting women, womens movements. You stand with women and have a strong desire to see every woman succeed. 
  • You are always giving friends and family advice on love, life, health and relationships.
  • Perhaps you're a stay at home Mom that is looking for a way to supplement your income while spending the precious time you have with your children.
  • You are in Multi-Level Marketing such as ItWorks, Herbalife, Avon, Mary Kay, etc… but haven’t quite seen the results they promised or that you hoped for when first joining.
  • Maybe you just graduated with your degree in a field that you are not even interested in pursuing anymore.
  • Or maybe you are a college student who went to school for the sake of your parents and got a degree in something that your Mom wishes she would’ve done.
  • Or perhaps you spent thousands of dollars of your hard earned money for your education but now you are struggling to find a job making $15 per hour.
  • Maybe you have been stuck in a dead end job with little to no promotional opportunities in sight.
  • Perhaps you feel like your spirit is internally dying, sitting in a cubicle day after day because you are not living out your purpose and passion. All for the sake of a paycheck.
  • Or maybe you are an entrepreneur with crazy ambition but you just don't have the finances for a start-up or you're just not sure how or even where to begin.
  • Or perhaps you're just allergic AF to working the 9 to 5 grind. 

If you've been dreaming about building a business that gives you location freedom
and financial freedom then this opportunity is for YOU!

Which one are you

 Regardless to which one describes you or your circumstances, one thing that remains true is that


 And THAT is who you really are! 

My purpose and the purpose of this Ambassador program is to teach you that message, until you believe it and it resonates with your soul. 

Then I will teach you how to build a message with purpose, passion and profits.  

That is my calling and service to the world and if you feel like that is your calling and service as well, then I invite you to join us in our movement to create a Queendom where we mentor and motivate women to reach their highest potential in both business and mindset mastery.

My name is Wendy Porter and I am the Soul Sass and CEO behind Crowned for Success and Bossladies Mindset. 

And we are the fastest growing network for soulful ambitious boss ladies on social media @crowned4success, @bossladiesmindset, @thegirlgangconfidential, @strongwomenarebeautiful and @rvpqueens. 

I started this company 4 years ago with the intention of sharing its success with other like minded women. 

I was trying to think of a way that I could create an opportunity for women to become entrepreneurs and financially independent all while doing something they love and without having to worry about the start-up costs involved in opening a business.  

So I found a way to give women the tools and resources they need to make themselves financially secure, confident and independent. 

That is why I have created the Women's Empowerment Influencer positions and that is how and why these positions came to fruition.

 In these positions, I will teach you everything I know about sales and marketing our business and earning some of the highest affiliate commissions in the industry!

I hope you decide to join my team! 

It is my deep desire… to see every woman succeed and become or remain financially independent. Because let’s face it, money is power and being in a position where you don’t have to depend on anyone but yourself for it means that you don’t have to put up with anyone’s unwanted bullshit. Not a job you can’t stand, not a belittling boss and definitely not a man that you don’t even like to come home to.  


that every woman discovers self-love and acceptance and realizes how amazing she truly is. I want women to know they can love hard and with everything they have but to love themselves even harder. I want women to become better teachers of their own self-worth. I want them to know that making themselves a priority isn’t selfish, it’s self-love.  

that every woman finds her purpose and passion in life and shares those gifts with the world. I want every woman to discover who they are outside of being a wife, mother, daughter, friend, business woman, etc… while I honor that in you and in myself, who are YOU as a woman? 

We are nurturers by nature and because of that we tend to lose ourselves in our relationships and deprive the world of getting to know who WE are as women and in the process we often end up depriving ourselves of discovering or sharing our talents and passions with the world. 

To profoundly impact the lives of two million women and girls through our coaching and mentoring services as well as our Philanthropy work. 

We are proud to be a purpose driven, heart centered business that gives back 10% of our proceeds to non-profit organizations that specialize in women’s equality, women and girl’s education and domestic violence awareness.

If you’re serious about joining a POWERFUL WOMENS MOVEMENT and earning extra income...

Claim Your Spot in our Exclusive Queendom Now by Booking Your Interview today! 

What you can expect as a Women's Empowerment Influencer:


If you are interested in becoming a Women's Empowerment Influecner for Crowned for Success you will be responsible for sharing our posts, mission and vision.

This position was created for women who want an opportunity to be part of a sisterhood and earn extra money.

You will create your own work schedule, make your own hours, work from home and actually do something that you’re passionate about.

This opportunity includes all of the following...

  • 12 months of training directly from our CEO and Executive Vice President who has sold over 50 million dollars in products and services and has built and operated multi million dollar businesses in Corporate America.
  • Blog for our site 
  • Have your own TV Show on our #Bossladiesmindset channel (80 networks worldwide)
  • Host your own show on our #Bossladiesmindset Podcast
  • IG TV and IG Lives 
  • Exclusive Facebook Group 
  • Opportunity to sell our coaching services and earn 20% commissions (optional).
  • Opportunity to become a Certified Life Coach and get first consideration when we open enrollment. 
  • Lifetime monthly sales/marketing and mindset mastery training and support by our Vice President. 
  • Sales and Marketing training directly from me (part of the 6 weeks of training)
  • Financial freedom and independence 
  • Flexibility
  • Work/Life balance  
  • Work from home 
  • And the reward of helping to expand a kick-ass women’s movement! (priceless)
  • Plus...

+ Your own Girlgang jacket upon receiving your certificate of completion!

+ Certificate of Completion


and I will personally train and work directly with you for 12 months to achieve success in selling our services (Selling is optional).  


  • how to craft your message, 
  • how to monetize your message, 
  • and how to mentor and motivate women.  


  • how to blog on our site, 
  • how to come up with content for your TV show and/ podcast,
  • how to do lives on social media.
  •  and how to build your own local meet up groups in your city.

There is NO program out there like this! 

There is no program that not only gives you 8 weeks of in depth training AND also offers you an internal opportunity to make money all while making an impact in women's lives. 

Hear what these Queens had to say... 

Jennifer Green - IG: @jenniferjeanine1

Kimberly Staples - IG: @Kimberly_staples

Mellisa Jenkins - IG: @lissaliss_84

Demi De Coux - Wellness Coach

Jihan - IG: @strongwomenarebeautiful

Miki Shi - IG: @mikzzelnut

“Wendy's unique ability to pinpoint the real issues in business-building and marketing is key in pushing her RVP's to their next level and beyond. It's definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach! 

I'm passionate about helping other business women succeed, so my biggest takeaways involved learning practical and effective coaching techniques (including practice on real people), and implementing how to sell from a place of authority, confidence and authenticity. Her personalized program is truly unique because of the tight-knit and supportive RVP community. In today's crazy world of constant screaming-hustle and cut-throat-business practices, Wendy shines through with her fiercely loyal and loving business culture; she won't accept anything less from her people. 

The Crowned 4 Success RVP program combines training for both practical skills and elite soulful marketing for today's motivated and ambitious business babe. I am honored to be part of this elite tribe - don't wait another minute to join! I recommend her to everyone I know!” 

- Cassie IG: @profitpassionacademy

Important Information!!

Spots are EXTREMELY LIMITED in order to provide the best training and to select top notch talent. 

If you are ready to join a sisterhood and create a business and life you love enter your info below to get started!

IMPORTANT NOTE: there is a monetary, mindset and time investment for those individuals that are selected. I believe in investing in women who invest in themselves. Full details will be communicated to you upon selection.  

*If we are unable to get you into the upcoming training due to an overwhelming response, you will be placed on our wait list for the next open enrollment.  

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